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[revised: 5.23.18]

The following explains how we use your information and protect your privacy.

Currently of note is that we do not provide our informational articles or content, unfortunately, on to EU based member countries (GDPR). In the rare and unintentional instance that this does occur and our content somehow manages to become viewable to any said end user(s), this appearance must certainly be due to a consequence that is likely attributable to, for example, some unforseen technical phenomenon: given per chance the case of country-masking, proxied traffic, or caching, or newly assigned IP's being processed, or else, an effect of some adverse quirky mishap. Please understand - our hope is that our free service to potential users among these areas may be delivered in the future.

Standard Operating Procedure for us, as you browse our site, is that we collect typical log data - like your IP address and other non-personal information. This information is used in aggregated form so that we can monitor patterns and improve our services, and for security and technical issues (the importance of which has been stressed by System Administration to us - log files are basic for even having pages appear). But we do not sell or share your personal information, although we may share aggregated information.

Our site does use the engagement tracking and reporting functions of third party Google Analytics. While Google Adsense ads places and read cookies, and small web beacons, that are used to serve up ads to you that are based on prior visits, or while at this site, or from other sites - their customized ads pull from this data. Your location is geotargeted. Your hardware device is recorded.

The Google Plus social venue, in addition to Facebook, and Twitter, may place cookies on your local device while interacting. Please see their respective privacy policies for specifics.

You may opt out, or checklist, your Google personalized advertising by going to ad settings and logging on.

For an explanation on data that is collected, shared and used by the Google ads, see How Google uses data when you use our partnersí sites or apps.

If you want to manage privacy or disable cookies:

Internet Explorer:
Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab

Setting / Advanced OR > History / Clear browsing data

Tools > Options > Privacy & Security

To manage or disable cookies on a different browser, view your browser options or the browsers' website for more information. Or go to mobile device preferences.

If you contact us by way of email, we will try to store those communications and their content along with your email address as the sender.

We have no control over the privacy policy of any third party or other site, or their use of information. This applies to any site that may be in any way affiliated with our site. See our User Agreement

If you have a question about this privacy policy you may contact us at :

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