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Repairs on Brick and Masonry

Brick and masonry come to form beautiful portions of the home. While offering a minimum in the way of maintenance and repair. But, when it comes right down to it, they are not necessarily permanent and should be treated as such.

From time to time, like everything, the walls and walking surfaces should be maintained and this regiment can entail cleaning, sealing, repairing and even replacing individual units. For masonry, this can cover sealing as well as patching.

The way that these projects are approached makes every bit of difference, and there are recommended steps to be followed. Doing so correctly can lengthen lifespans and help toward preservation. Noting that skilled efforts to preserve bricks and the visible surfaces of mortar, for example, might prevent what could be a mismatch due to discolorations and/or age - combined with the possibility of being put on a brick search for units that may no longer be found.

Sealing Brick Sealing Your Brick
Easy-to-follow steps that can help guard against moisture infiltration and promote a healthy vapor-exchange rate. Which can possibly increase overall wall stability in the long term as well.

Notes on Sealing - application specifics for better seal jobs, including sealer characteristics, using additives and achieving completed consistencies.

Tuckpointing Brick Tuckpointing Brick
From joint removal, to filling and packing the cleared joints and striking, we cover an approach for the repair where care must be taken for the replacement to be imperceptible.

Notes on Tuckpointing - greater pointing detail about clearing joints, mortar methods, bonding agents and use of colorants.

Replacing Damaged Brick Replacing Damaged Bricks
Bricks that are damaged or loose should be replaced while exercising care. This instructional explains the cutting of partial replacements, pulling the single unit and re-setting in mortar thru to joint completion.

Masonry Repair List
What to notice. Some of the treatments for brick and masonry conditions such as for cracking, spalling, scaling and joint problems. The chimney cap and crown, along with foundation cracking.

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