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Originally launched in October 2000, is a forefront source for improvement projects around the home. Illuminating remodeling and maintenance and repairs.

Focused on elements of the entire project we give practical steps & surrounding information such as for painting, plumbing repairs, tile installs and flooring and countless others. Each do-it-yourself and how-to article is written by a professional in-house, along with all articles throughout. We take pride in offering original and unique content and do not accept third-party submittals, no matter the source.

Our site stresses detailed techniques and procedures and often what to look for in a high-grade project. Given the economy, especially, cost amounts are integrated among certain projects.

Currently if you are considering starting a project, it might be worth your while to see our project resource.

If you have comments or questions please send an inquiry and a representative will be happy to be in touch. We can be contacted by mail at: Referwork 726 East Main St.#178 Lebanon, OH 45036

Currently we have no job openings, but feel free to check back at any time.

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