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Door Repair and Maintenance

The doors in your home are used constantly and throughout the day, on a regular basis. It only stands to reason they will need certain repairs, adjustments and maintaining from time to time.

Here are some ways to provide greater serviceability. In certain cases, also resulting in energy savings, while enhancing the life of the doors and enabling a more comfortable living environment.

Enhancing Functionality

Door Tune Adjustments
Door Tune Adjustments
Tuning, ways to make the movements to adjust the door once it has already been installed.

(aside from a dimensional modification to the slab itself)

Bifold Door Adjusting
Adjusting Closet Bi-Fold Doors
Describes adjusting sets of bifolds on the vertical and horizontal, as well as resetting loose pivot bolts.

Adjust A Door Hanging
Adjust A Door Hanging
Step-by-step that gives the tools needed and the repair sequence for resetting the jamb.

Trim Door Bottom
Adjusting Clearance: Trimming Door Bottoms
Instructions on cutting for a gap correction.

Cost Discussions

Cost of Replacing the Entry Door
Offers price considerations for the front door as a replacement unit in wood, metal and fiberglass including customized shapes and solutions.

Door Installation Costs
Gives breakdowns on costs when going with carpenters and doing the installation yourself, including trim & hardware and other details.

Cost of Garage Door Repairs
Covers everything from making adjustments to replacing springs and the major door components.

Garage Door Install Cost
The cost of having garage doors put in based on type and door dimension.

Various Sealing

Bring a greater functional performance by preserving the slab shape - apply and maintain effective door sealing where needed.

How To Seal A Door
How to Seal A Door
The main types of seals and how to apply them onto doors. From foam and felt, to vinyl clad and gasket-style solutions.

Sealing Door Bottoms to Insulate - at Threshold - ways to insulate against drafts by adjusting, and replacing the bottom seal. Covering threshold inserts and more.

Seaing the Ends Of A Door
Sealing Door Ends
How to preserve wood and certain masonite with sealer.

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Door Installation Costs
Spending on door hanging.

Cost of Entry Door Replacement
Prices for the front door of the house.

Garage Door Repair Cost
From adjustments to major components.

Garage Door Install Cost
Based on type of garage door & dimension.

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