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Ideas for Painting, Tips and Techniques

Find ideas on many areas of home painting. Preparation, application methods and techniques and in depth tips and information the pros integrate as part of their skilled trade. Giving tips on overlooked procedures covering everything from ordering the paint and materials and their costs, including per square foot, to how to's and ways of making the job easier. Actual application methods and aspects proven for success.

Interior Painting:

Organizing Colors Ideas on Interior Painting
Offers a perspective on inside painting to add atmosphere and coordinate the surroundings. Accents and conceptual notions about the effects of sheen on paint finishes, textures and making murals.

Starting To Paint Room Basic Interior Painting Techniques
Considers the basic techniques for applying paint on a wall surface. Brush/types - when to use square brushes and when to handle the sash tool. Rollers - recommended nap thicknesses and how to prep them before wetting on the paint. Foam and woven naps and the different dimensions. The spray and airless spray methods and their practical applications when painting your home.

Painting Walls and Ceiling Areas Suggestions for these surfaces, from the new home ceiling and treys, to the use of darker shades.

Straining the Paint Pro Tips & Techniques for Painting Interiors
This field-proven sequence, covers patching and keeping fixtures together, wall treatments, and parts that are to be done before others including trim and walls.

What to brush and when to roll, and portions of the room that can be done separately.

Kitchen Paint Ideas with Granite For a few words of caution that could save you enormous headaches and a major repair bill.

Tools and Supplies for Interior House Painting Describes tools and supplies needed for doing interior paint work, taking some of the cost aspects into account.

Cost Discussions:

Cost of Interior Painting
Gives a detailed overview of inside paint costs & associated factors.

Cost to Paint Rooms
Gets down to basic elements for prices being paid for painting room areas.

The Cost of Painting Your House
Covers cost factors for materials (latex/acrylic and solvent/oil based coatings) and hourly and fixed labor rates.

Per Square Foot Cost of Painting a House
Area amounts being charged for interiors considered with coverage and added elements.

Cost to Remove Lead Paint
Looks at testing and ridding lead paint in the home.

Exterior Painting:

Prepping Exterior With Masking Exterior Painting Preparation
Looks at cleaning the outside areas of the home and and preparation, with caulking and other important measures, including protecting your surrounding plants.

Laddering Exterior Tips for Exterior Painting
Foresight helps when it comes to the exterior, and here is advice on prepping for paint & other project issues.

Protecting walls while setting ladders and using ladder standoffs. Simple tools that render easier results.


Exterior House Painting Tools, Supplies Goes into detail on the supplies and tools needed for carrying out the outside painting, with an eye on expenses.

Spraying Exterior Painting Your House and Painters
Smart application shouldn't be left to oversight, whether crew-done or by your own hands. Know if the paint is back-brushed, if the primer is an actual primer and not merely a "prime coat" substitute, and if the caulk is pure silicone or paintable.

Related Costs/Painting :

Cost of Interior Painting
Inside paint costs in depth.

Interior Cost Per Square Foot
For painting the house.

Cost to Paint Rooms
Prices by room dimensions.

House Painting Costs
Find out how much it costs and factors involved.

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