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Interior Painting Ideas for Walls & Ceilings

It seems certain areas of the home’s walls and ceilings lend themselves to painting opportunities.

Starting at the top; ceilings on new homes are typically left unpainted. Which is the most economical option. But a lighter, brighter appeal can be achieved by rolling on ceiling paint (rolling on in a direction counter to the natural light entering through a window).

Many paint manufacturers do add a touch of grey to their ceiling whites to increase coverage – because straight white by itself is markedly thin when it comes to coverage. A minimum two coats is usually needed for unpainted ceiling areas.

For the case of treyed ceilings, these provide a special opportunity. Scenery here is effective in the form of outdoor pictures, abstracts or what have you. Darker tones can bring in a sense of detached height. Lighter or much of the same tone can provide an appealing continuation.

Within the trey - for that angular crown mould installed here or at the lower ceiling/wall juncture - closing that miniature shadow gap between the wall and casing with a clean bead of tub-and-tile caulk seals things up airtight and unnoticeable (with a continual rinse rag).

Darker walls can exaggerate taller areas like foyers with staircase entries, as the first impression one has, lifting upward. Or simply create more of an open-ness surrounding on all sides with lighter shades. All relying on artificial and natural light.

For those walls reduced in height, pre-cast nooks painted to match the trim are available in a variety of styles, provided you have the proper wall cavity space. They are elegant and can accentuate the paint scheme.

- Just some of the ways inside painting matters.

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