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Kitchen Granite and Paint Ideas

Whatever type of granite is in your kitchen, it will be accentuated by the paint on the ceiling and walls and around the cabinets. Both interacting with their own effect.

Cabinets found in the same kitchen as granite, rarely are of the quality to be painted. However here, refacing might be an option.

On the stone side, it's to great have chosen a granite that is amiable with several color combinations. A simple way to know this is by choosing your granite along with paint samples. At any rate, after having chosen both your granite and paint color, the paint on the walls should be at minimum, a satin sheen, in the interest of cleanup. The semigloss paint finish will cast a brighter source of glare, albeit with enhanced cleanup properties. Noting that for touch-up purposes, glosses can ‘flash’ and become quite noticeable, depending on the age and type of the paint and type. So comparing the gloss on the granite next to your proposed samples of paint gloss might serve to achieve a balance between them, if you can envision this over greater areas.

The painting should be complete before the cabinets. Then the granite installed. This will give the cleanest color and finish, contrasting around the stone and cabinets. If the backsplashes or wall splashes of the granite form a snug mount to the wall, this joint is left uncaulked by some installers while other installers seal the joint either with a color tint or clear caulk.

A word of caution:

While painting around and above the cabinets, avoid standing or shifting any body weight onto the countertop surface – granite contains small imperfections, and as strong and durable as its reputation may precede, the surface can crack and separate with added pressure. Possibly resulting in an expensive paint job!

The area between the wall cabinets and countertop enhances the color separation. For the effect of merging the cabinets, wall areas, and countertops - granite can be applied. The alternative is a paint color that blends off the contrasting differences.

Island walls that are veneered, take on more of a blending feel if their surfaces are finished to match the walls. Experiment before painting by holding up prepainted samples in your kitchen. Noting that the paint samples from the local paint stores are not accurate representations of the mixed paint you will usually receive. These are photograhic chips in most cases.

If you are able, have quart sized containers mixed for the color choices you have in mind. And ask the colorist at the paint dealer if the quart sized formulas you are considering will accurately translate to gallons (formulas are not always divisible to quarts). So look into if what you are selecting will represent what will be ordered.

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