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Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Options for the kitchen counter include:
  • formica and laminates
  • solid surface materials
  • wood (butcher block)
  • poured concrete
  • marble
  • quartz/synthesized stone surfaces
  • granite
Serious consideration should be given the counter as it relates to the area of gathering and food preparation. This brings an entire host of considerations when the homeowner begins to focus on either buying a new counter or the chance of replacing an existing one.

Laminate Counter Option 1) Foremost is costs. This often dictates what counter might be installed. The cost per foot pricing of granite counters suggests that granite falls somewhere within the higher end. Though still under stainless steel counters.

Be this as it is, the cost of kitchen granite counters influences most choices. Although some dealers of granite offer terms for the purchase, with the budget almost always of utmost concern - especially given that the counter is normally about the final item to be installed. But it could help the overall project out to bring a basic design layout before shopping the counter supplier or installer that will provide an idea of the shape and some rough dimensions of what you propose.

2) In the plan and design stage, joining along with the countertop, consider the kitchen cabinets or custom cabinets if these are to be installed - these should be coordinated with the countertop surface to achieve the atmosphere you are after.

Each counter will offers pros and cons: the smooth, manufactured look of formica, the rough hewn appearance of stone, the elegance of granite and the contemporary and seamless of concrete counters. Each type offering a range of wear and durability characteristics.
Whichever you end up deciding on, plan for the kitchen paint & counter for the bordering walls to interact. All design elements should be brought together and considered until a balance is achieved, and this make take some dabbling. At best, try to form and shape a statement in the kitchen. Based on your abilities, choosing a color for the counter alone may or may not be done in short order. If you are at a loss, always remember, designers are there for this very purpose!

3) Troll through all the possible counter choices and where you will do this is important. The flourescent lighting in showrooms and big box outlets casts an artificial light. So, best case, view your preferred counter samples up in your current kitchen. Do this even when there is full spectrum lighting since your own alighting will not be the same.

If you have a intense interest in cooking and food preparation this may hits towards a contemporary kitchen atmosphere. Stainless counters could be an option. If you have younger people or are unusually hard on the counters, laminates and formica are big on cost and can be replaced under most circumstances. If problems with staining, and durability are not too significant, marble might be a fit. Although the appearance of marble counters have known to deteriorate over the years and marble is generally considered a "soft" stone despite popular opinion.


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