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How To Choose Granite Countertop Colors

Many species of granite, by their very nature, appear understated. Some species just have more spritz than others. It's part of their appeal. The hues and tones of each species will strike a contrast that can elicit excitement, or, a subduing atmosphere in the room.

Much depends on what you want to achieve. Is it an even balance with the surroundings, the walls, millwork and furniture and appliances? Or do you look for a contrast that revolves about the countertop surface itself.

Light colored tones:

Those fairly uniform in their makeup tend to blend well with similar surroundings. Basically, a conservative approach.

Darker granite colors:

Everything else considered equal, darks lean toward the formal. There too is an implied weight that accompanies any color chosen with granite. And, the dominant weight is an influence to any shade of color. Thereby contributing to a value as being understated.

Take caution however with black and darker shades in that they do show dust and dirt more readily than light tones. As such, they require more frequent cleanings.

Grey shades:

Really are not neutral. Granites with grey can change the appearance of other colors. They bring out hues in unsuspected ways.

Neutral surroundings:

To coordinate with in the room are a great tool for flexibility.

When searching for colors, after the preliminary search, you will begin to familiarize yourself with popular granite from absolute black to shades of ivory white with beiges, reds, greens and blues as dominant colors containing infusions of tones within themselves.

Generally it is not the best idea to rely on snapshots of your counter setting. Instead, bring samples to the dealer of what you have, and coordinate with the colors of granite you favor.


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