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Cost to Paint a Ceiling

The following paint cost calculator for 2024 allows you to change ceiling finish options & refigure.

Ceiling Painting Cost Options:
Width & Length of Ceiling 1   Foot Wide X Foot Long
Ceiling Height 2 Feet High
Number of Coats Applied 3  

  Low Mid High
Painting Labor  
Paint Materials  
Total Cost
Average Square Foot Cost  

Includes all labor, materials and supplies needed for performing the painting per below based on entered dimensions and height. Results are approximations based on ceilings painted in the United States. Total cost sums exclude any taxes charged for both materials and labor amounts.

Options to Paint Ceilings:

1 These are overall rectangular shaped areas, running continous and unobstructed.
2 The average ceiling height. Smaller dimension ceilings are figured at lower heights, up to 10 to 12 foot. Surfaces broader than 50 ft can go up to 16 foot. This is due to practicality and also while scaling for realistic price increases based on greater efforts for setup that is mainly accessing by method of ladder or scaffold and/or while applying the paint from ground level via an extension pole.
3 Many ceilings on new homes go unpainted. Therefore if the ceiling has not yet received paint, this can add 10% to 25% over the price of a previously painted surface due to absorption and greater difficulty in applying. While many times a single coat does the trick, two or three coats may be needed like for raw ceiling areas and for deeper base color choices, with the ceiling light illuminating across the surface.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Flat and lightly textured drywall surfaces are included, acoustic type ceilings are not. These figures for painting occuppied spaces also account for moving of moderate placements of furniture as part of preparation.

Excluded are skylights and vestibules, as well as no trimming with the brush or 'cutting in' around multiple beams. Bayed ceilings are also excluded.

Labor, Materials and Supplies

Calculations for some of the smallest sized surfaces assume that there is more than a single ceiling being painted, or at least some sharing of paint, as far as paint material/minimum gallon containers are concerned.

  • The labor component is that which is charged to the project only.
  • Includes all labor necessary for the completion of the room(s) from setup, providing ladders, any necessary staging and/or scaffolding equipment. Materials accounts for disposable roller covers and plastic sheeting for protection.
  • Alots a nominal amount of preparation. Accounting for minimal patching and sanding like from small nail holes & even holes poked from hanging hooks. More modest sized ceilings can incur greater fees for the patching of larger or deeper areas.
  • Final cleanup and disposal of empty cans and waste is also part of this amount. Clearly labeling any partial cans is recommended especially when painting on a room by room basis.

  • Amounts for the labor portion per specific geographic locales may fluctuate based on the particular zip code by 15% and greater. This pertains especially to certain metropolitan areas.

    Paint Specifics

    Ceiling paint can offer greater coverage and lower reflective properties and therefore possible cost advantages.
  • Above is figured applying mainly flat or low sheen coatings throughout.
  • Grade of paint, supplies and materials are rated at moderate and above, excluding the cheapest "builders quality" and yet also are the most expensive lines of paint coatings.

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