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Cost to Install Shower Doors

Our 2020 calculator for shower doors allows you to change variables & refigure.

Shower Door Installation Cost Options:
Structure 1   framed frameless
Type of Shower Door2  

Door Count

  Low Mid High
Labor to Install Door(s)  
Shower Door Materials  
Total Cost
Avg. Cost Per Door  

Includes all labor, materials and supplies needed for installing the shower door as per below. The results are across-the-board approximations only. They are not meant to mimic actual price quotations. Total cost sums exclude any taxes charged for both materials and labor amounts.

Options for Shower Doors:

1 Note that frameless doors are not just units without a frame - they are typically built different, with sturdier glass & hardware. 'Frameless' here includes semiframe units.
2 For all practical considerations, these are mainly single wall units except for neo/corner units, which entail up to two wall sections & door.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Covers supplying all materials and labor needed to complete the installation. The numbers favor sliding doors (or 'bypass') over hinged (or 'pivot), although any particular choice is likely to be related to your existing opening. Overall, shower openings measuring 4 ft. to 5 ft. wide will normally take a slider while the more refined spaces can be debatable. Prices account for typical sized shower pans, bathtubs, and tile areas while oversized installs will come at greater costs.

Excluded are costs for any extra wall sections, and for custom finishes such as polished brass, or brushed nickel for example.

Labor, Materials and Supplies notes:

  • The labor component charged to the project only.
  • Includes all labor necessary for the completion of project from dimensioning & setup, marking, cutting and drilling, supplying the necessary screws and silicone or other sealing caulk.
  • Amounts for the labor portion may fluctuate based on the particular zip code by 35% and greater as can the doors themselves.

  • Shower Door Specifics

  • Grade of doors, supplies and materials are rated at builders quality on up. Upgrades in glass (tempered. tinted, frosted, opague, etc) and features like water repellers, and also the choice of pivot doors over sliding will all translate to a bump in the bill.

  • Friday, Oct 30, 2020

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