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How Much Does Sheetrock and Drywall Cost

Buying sheetrock (a USG product) and drywall can mean wide price fluctuations depending on source. As of January 2014 the market for drywall held its prior continuous increase amounts and sheets are expected to continue to cost even more as time goes on. Choices for buying include the drywall supplier, big box outlets and hardware stores (though where you can often expect to pay more for much the same product). The 16” by 16” typical square of sheetrock commonly used for making patches now is at around $4.90 each, found in convenient stacks at hardware & big box stores.

Quantity and order size accounts for much of the costs of wallboard, depending on place of purchase and this can mean substantial discounts. As a rule, the distributor requires minimum quantity orders in the form of a ‘Lift’ for purchase discounts that translates typically to (34) sheets for ½, (26) sheets for 5/8” and (24) sheets for Ύ” thick drywall.

Note that when going by square foot prices – remember to account for waste amounts, and on smaller projects, the square footage breaking points. Often these quotes are based on quantity minimums: ½” at .24/ft., etc. While custom orders for sheet lengths by special order requests have minimum order quantities; 10,000 sq ft. minimums aren't unheard of.

Green board is commonly available for ½” in 8 foot ($11 to $13 per sheet) and 12 foot lengths ($17 to $19 /sheet) while the 5/8” thick version is available in 8 foot (around $13), 10 foot (near $15) and 12 foot lengths (close to $19) a board. These are typical measurements for most sources*:

½ by 4’ by 8’ approx. $7.50 per board
½ by 4’ by 12’ approx. $11.00 per board

5/8 by 4’ by 8’ approx. $8.75 per board for fire-rated
5/8 by 4’ by 12’ in a lightweight 'X' type will cost approx. $12.25 per board

Commonly offered at the drywall outlet or special order*:

½ by 4’ by 9’ approx $8.60 per sheet
½ by 4’ by 10’ approx $9.50 per sheet
½ by 4’ by 14’ approx $11.80 per sheet
½ by 4’ by 16’ approx $13.50 per sheet

5/8 by 4’ by 9’ approx $10.00 per sheet
5/8 by 4’ by 10’ approx $10.50 per sheet
5/8 by 4’ by 14’ approx $12.90 per sheet
5/8 by 4’ by 16’ approx $14.80 per sheet

* represent pricing, based on availability and other factors.

Market Conditions: Demand for new housing directly affects the cost of drywall. Getting the board can even prove difficult in periods of new housing surges. Potentially setting new homeowners back on move-in dates, and delaying new home completions. The 95’ to 97’ shortage even drove the sourcing to areas of China and Canada (indirectly resulting in harmful health effects) however at least one major U.S. supplier has reported a gearing up to help steady the supply lines. All in all, costs fluctuate with demand, at times exceeding 30% price spans.

Special sheets: Extra thin sheets are available at above standard ½ pricing or around $8.90/sheet for Ό” and 3/8” thicknesses. Used as build-ups, to accommodate casings, or as flexible sheets for wrapping contours. Costs for ½” by 4’ by 54” length sheets come in the 12’ lengths.

Sunday, Jan 25, 2015

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